About Dads’ Night

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What is Dad’s Night?

The first Dads’ Night was held in the Kenilworth School of Ridgewood New Jersey in 1944. Over the years, the tradition has been kept alive by the dads of children who attend Ridgewood’s Somerville and Hawes elementary schools.  2019 marks the 75th Anniversary of Dads’ Night!

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Each year the dads write their own scripts and songs, play their own music, design and sew their own costumes, build their own sets, and put on a musical review for the hundreds of kids in town.

The funds that are raised are used to buy special needed “wish list” items for the schools. Everyone has a good time, and many long lasting friendships are made. Most importantly, our children learn that their dads are committed to them and their lives. Why else would the dads make such fools of themselves if it weren’t for the love of their children!


Over the past decade alone, Dads Night has provided funds to the Somerville and Hawes Schools that have been used for a litany of child-enrichment purposes including:

  • Student Scholarships
  • Smart Boards/Cameras
  • Books
  • Subsidizing Science Days
  • Audio-Visual Equipment
  • Sound & Lighting Upgrades
  • Subsidizing Teacher of the Year Awards
  • Music Room Stereos
  • Subsidizing the Creation of a Cosmic Classroom
  • Space Suits
  • New Basketball Court
  • Subsidizing Children’s Theatre
  • New Playground and Playground Equipment
  • Computers/TVs/DVDs/Cameras/ Projectors/Microphones

… Plain and simple, it always has been and always will be “for the kids.”



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Somerville Hawes Dads’ Night Grievance Policy
The Somerville Hawes Dads’ Night Board of Trustees welcomes, through proper channels, complaints, inquiries about, and constructive criticism of the organization’s events, activities, and personnel. When a Board member or member of Dad’s night is confronted with a formal complaint, he will withhold comment, commitment and/or opinion and refer the complaint or inquiry to the entire Board of Trustees. The Board shall review the formal complaint according to the established procedures.
Complaints Concerning the Events, Activities, and Operations: Any person or group having a legitimate interest in the Somerville or Hawes Elementary Schools may present a request, suggestion, or complaint related to the events, activities, and operations of Dads’ Night. The Board will set the procedure for the hearing and settlement of requests and complaints to resolve them fairly and impartially.Complaints Concerning Dads’ Night Members: Any misunderstandings or disputes between the public, Dads’ Night membership, and/or board members should, whenever possible, be settled by direct, informal discussions among the interested parties. It is only when such informal meetings fail to resolve differences that more formal board procedures shall be employed.
Adopted: December 6, 2017