Chairmen’s Update Jan 11

Good Monday Afternoon!!!! Well, I think that the dust has settled. Not sure as my eyes are still a bit hazy from the Kick Off party. We’d like to thanks Dave Seaman and John Molloy for all your efforts into getting this party going for us! Great job! Thank you to anyone that volunteered your time to give them the assistance they needed as many hand make little work. Thank you to the DNB for rocking it out! You guys are awesome! (Where can we buy those shirts?) If you were there…and couldn’t hear…or if you weren’t, our slogan for this year is “DN 72, A Tradition Like No Other”!!!!! DN is certainly unlike anything else! Lastly, if you didn’t get a part for the show yet, please reach out to Chris, , or Dennis, More info to come from the directors, but rehearsals are every Thursday until 2/25/16. We start at 7:30pm, so do your best to be there on time. Again, show dates are Friday, March 4th and Saturday, March 5th! The ball has officially began to roll. Where will it stop? Ryan and Jeff