Chairmen’s Update Jan 4 – DN72


Hope you had a great Holiday Season.  But the time has come to say “Live from Ridgewood it Dads’ Night” and get ready for DN 72!

1)      Go register for the Kickoff Party for 1/9/16 on Community Pass.  93 of us have done this so far, let’s get it to 95 by the end of today.  Anyone who has any trouble with this, please feel free to email me (Jeff) or call me. We need the numbers as close to our total as we can ASAP.  Plus there is an upcharge at the door if you wait till the last minute or can’t use the system. Much thanks in advance to the DN Band!

2)      This coming Thursday 1/7/16 is our first DN 72 meeting at Somerville gym at 730pm. This is where you get to pick your part.  Everyone who can make it is expected to show up for this one.  Scripts will (hopefully) be posted this week so you can get an idea of the shows and parts available to you. After our first meeting/rehearsal, the plan is for us all to meet up (to further discuss the scripts of course) at the Office.  We will have the back of the restaurant designated for us with house specials on grog.

Keep the slogan ideas coming!

We can’t wait to get the ball rolling!

Ryan and Jeff