Chairmen’s Message Feb 15

A – Always

B – Be

C – Closing


Stop wasting time!!!! You’ve heard it before. You’ll hear it again for certain. Kinda like right now! Fellas, we are a short time away from closing the books on the ad sales for this year. That time is this Friday. We aren’t going to make any bones about it but we are very behind. There’s been talk about ads coming in. There are ads in that are missing either a check or the actual artwork itself. We strongly encourage you to follow up with your ad sale or with the Kevins to see where your ad stands. If you sold an ad last year, it is expected to still come in. We’ll be reaching out to you to see where you stand with it. Oh, and new ads are pretty cool too! Incentive???? Yeah, we can give you a few. Like seats? Like not having to get seats??? $500 in ads sales gets you 4 seats to one of the nights. Right now, there’s going to be a lot of mad wives that are going to have to get there early to get them. Like to get some money to donate to a charity of your choice? Be one of the top 3 in sales and you get to make your charity feel pretty good with some extra money. And the obvious, raising money for the kids which is ALWAYS a good thing. Let’s make the strong push that we are accustomed to making and bring it to the finish line!!!!! This show is going to be great! Let’s get the ad sales there too!!!! Ryan and Jeff