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Dads' Night 77's
Excellent Adventure

DN 77 Excellent_Adventure_Ad Book_Cover.

There have been strange things afoot in Ridgewood and being Chairmen is not like we expected at all. We got totally lied to by our former Chairmen, Hogan and Sands. “It’s totally easy” they said. “There hasn’t been a pandemic in Ridgewood in decades” they said.

But what if we found a phone booth that could take us back to DN 76 to warn future Dads’ Night Chairman Matt and Eric? Wouldn’t that be an excellent adventure? Sure would Dudes!

We are excited to unveil this year's theme: DADS’ NIGHT 77’s EXCELLENT ADVENTURE!

Continue being excellent to each other and let’s make DN77 the best show ever!

Eric and Matt

Friday Show - May 21

Saturday Show - May 22

DN77 Cabinet Members

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