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It’s been 30 weeks since Dads’ Night 76 rocked BF! Normally, this would be just over halfway to the next show, but, 2020 has been anything but normal. Are we at the halfway point to DN 77? Good question. Maybe, maybe not, but one thing is for sure, Dads’ Night 77 IS happening, probably, maybe, yes, definitely. Either way, Matt and I are marching forward with a variety of plans to ensure DN77 comes to life. Two weeks ago Dave Gisonno bravely hosted Pitch Night, the traditional start to the DN season. We survived 24 pitches and selected 10 for the 2021 show featuring 3 new skit writers and 7 veteran writers including LoSauro who was shall we say, “on a roll” with History of Hip Hop IV.

Regarding community, we’ve seen Dads’ Night rally time and time again and we are proud to share 2020 has been no different. To date, Dads’ Night has collectively donated $30,000 back into the community through Dad Dollars and other programs. It is truly amazing what this group can do when we rally together. In an effort to get our annual dues collected early and ensure you have all signed off on the DN77 Covid Waiver, Community Pass is now open. Register by November 30 and save 15% PLUS, get an exclusive DN77 winter hat! Finally, today is election day. As an organization we are politically agnostic, however, that doesn’t mean we don’t vote. So, fill out your ballot and drop it off today! #DNVotes

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