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Mark Your Calendars!

Another month, another newsletter. I hope you all dried out and have your power back by now. That last storm was a rough one for sure. This year I will be the first in line to say farewell to 2020! Maybe we should move the cast party up to December 31.

Where’s Damir… As you may have already seen, key dates have been added to the Somerville-Hawes Facebook group. If you are not a member of the group, join today and stay up to date on all things Dads’ Night. Huge shout out to the DNB for rocking Van Neste Square recently. It was a bittersweet night as we finally got to see and hear our favorite band live, but we also said farewell to DNB staple Pete Diamond. What the 2020-2021 school year will look like in December may still be unclear, but we do know the DN softball tournament, DN Golf Outing, and DN Mini-Golf ARE happening. Check out the dates below and mark your calendars. Friendly reminder, it is incumbent upon ALL of us to support the social distancing efforts both in town, in backyards and at DN events. Let’s not be the reason this thing spreads!

We still have Dads’ Dollars so get some and take your family out for dinner or tip the dude that lent you a generator. To refresh your memory, you get $10 for every $40 you buy. Here's the link. DO IT!

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