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Dads' Night 78's

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The typical duration of a DN chairmanship:  365 days, typical height of a DN chairman:  5’10”. 

This year will be anything but typical. This year, LESS IS MORE! At a combined height of just 11 feet tall and a (hopeful) tenure of only 294 days, we're going to be the shortest chairmanship on record!   


Dads' Night 78 will celebrate the small things in life with the biggest packages... I think that's how the saying goes.


Here's to all of us who don't have to watch our heads because of a low ceiling. To all of us that are optimistic because we are always looking up. This is our year! Steve and I are proud to announce this year's theme: DADS' NIGHT 78's HONEY, I SHRUNK DADS' NIGHT!

March 11-12, 2022

DN78 Cabinet Members

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