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Pitch Night!

Happy October. Time for the leaves to fall, the weather to turn, and Dads’ Night to dial it up! That’s right, boys, October means Pitch Night, a true tradition like no other. Mark your calendars for October 22, the night we jeer good ideas and run the bad ideas out of town. We’re pleased to share Dave Gisonno has graciously volunteered his backyard for this year’s event. Keeping it outdoors is another opportunity to respect and reduce the COVID spread threat.

Skit writers keep an eye out for a communication from Script Coordinators Kevin Hogan and Mike Ciliento. More details to come.

Huge thank you goes out to Marc Recchiuti and Ryan Yates for last week’s DN Mini Golf Outing. Despite COVID, they drove a record 136 golfer turnout. Just 7 years ago this event started at 40.

Up next, Annual Kelly Creegan Memorial Golf Outing 10/14, Pre-Pitch Night 10/15, DN Cornhole in mid-October, and Pitch Night 10/22.

Like we said last month, although the specifics of DN77 are somewhat COVID driven, we will continue to march forward one event at a time. Or in the case of October, multiple events…

Thank you for your continued support. We are all in this thing together.

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