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Welcome to Dads’ Night 78!

This Dads’ Night season was unusually short due to last year’s show being held in May. Couple that with two vertically challenged chairmen and we figured there was no more appropriate theme than “Honey, I Shrunk Dads’ Night!”. With that being said, we can promise you the efforts of the dads was not lacking and Dads’ Night 78 will not be short on jokes!

While the pandemic continues to present some challenges, we are thrilled Dads’ Night 78 represents a return to normalcy on most fronts. We were able to hold many Dads’ Night traditions like the summer picnic, the softball game, the Butta Bowl, the Golf Outing, Mini Golf Outing, and post rehearsal strategy meetings at local establishments who support Dads’ Night. Most importantly, we are ecstatic this year's show is back in the BF Auditorium!

We also introduced some new things to Dads’ Night. The inaugural “Dads’ Night on Ice” was a huge hit...both in terms of the fun had by those who attended and the number of dads hitting the ice. Also, we established the Dads’ Night website ( as the central hub for all things Dads’ Night. New dads are now able to register on the website and learn more about our organization, the “Gear Store” was posted on the site, and all events can be registered and paid for via the website, with a calendar that can be synced with personal calendars. We will also save the live stream of this year’s show for posterity.

Dads’ Night is central to the community, but we would not be able to put on the show without the support of the community. We are blessed to be supported numerous sponsors and organizations. Please take a moment to flip though the ads in this program. If the occasion arises, please support those who support us.

To our principals, teachers and staff at Hawes and Somerville, as well as the Board of Education: thank you for your unending support of Dads’ Night! We appreciate everything you do for our kids, especially in these challenging times.

To our cabinet, we could not have done this without you. We have been faced with many twists and turns over the last 9 months. We are truly grateful for your patience, guidance, and ability to rise to any challenge.

To our fellow Dads, the most important title a man can achieve is that of “dad”. Anyone can be a father; it takes someone special to be called dad. All 250+ of you have shown that only the elite join Dads’ Night! For you New Dads, this may have been the most uncomfortable experience coming in, but hopefully you have built friendships and created memories that will last a lifetime. For the almost 30 Grad Dads, Bravo! We commend you for your years of service to Dads’ Night and contributions to the community at large.

To the moms, thank you for lending us your husbands and putting up with this!

To the kids, this is all for you. We could think of no better way to say “I love you” than through song and wearing a silly costume! You are our inspiration and motivation both inside and outside of Dads’ Night.

We are honored and humbled to serve as Chairmen for Dads’ Night 78. Hopefully, you have a LITTLE fun! We sure have!

Yours in Family, Friends, and Community,

Steve Ragains and Brian Giammarella

Dads’ Night 78 Co-Chairmen

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