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Back to School

Another month has past and we find summer has come to a close. The kids are back in school, sorta, and we look forward to all that fall has to offer like DN Mini-Golf, Pitch Night, New Dads’ Night, and the all-new “DN Corn Hole”! But, more on that later.

Matt and I were thrilled at the turn out for the Annual Dads’ Night Golf Outing. 85 golfers raised $15k for the kids. After several twists and turns, we actually got the tournament in! Huge thank you goes out to Billy, Damir, Ed Fernand, and Michael McNeil for the herculean effort to pull this event together. Additionally, thank you to our sponsors and everyone else who helped or donated raffle prizes along the way.

Now to the topic of Dads’ Night 77. We’ve fielded a handful of questions regarding next year’s show and here is the blunt answer. Although we have a talented team to manage permits, planning, scheduling, social distance protocols, and capacity limitations on show day, school days, vaccines, flare-ups and mother nature will continue to put tremendous downward pressure on the DN77 show outlook. With an abundance of caution, Matt and I are making plans and necessary arrangements for the show, but we are acutely aware that there are a number of factors working against us. That said, we have begun to frame options B and C to ensure DN77 happens in one form or another. The show must and WILL go on! Said differently, it will not end on Matt and I’s watch. Updates will be shared as we get clarity on what Ridgewood will really look like when rehearsals are scheduled to begin in January.

Tonight, September 17, is virtual Back to School Night. Matt and I have prepared a special treat for you so make sure you tune in. This year’s DN presentation will be like none that have gone before.

Up next, Dads’ Night Mini-Golf. September 26, 5-8 pm at Paramus Mini-Golf. Log into Community Pass and register today. We need a count. If you don’t know how, ask your wife.

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