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Dads' Dollars Update & Upcoming Events

We made it. By this time next week, the school year will finally be over. Not the way we anticipated, but we should be proud of our kids, parents, teachers, and schools for doing the best they could in a unique situation. We’d like to give a special shoutout to those with kindergartners, first-graders, and preschoolers who did the heavy lifting teaching at home and trying to work. Matt and I hope coming out of this that we’ve all achieved a new level of work-life balance.

You spoke, our partner restaurants spoke, we listened and are excited to relaunch the Dads’ Dollars program to celebrate the reopening of restaurants. The program is simple. You give Dads’ Night $40, we give you $50. You dine at the restaurants listed on the Dads’ Dollars and the restaurant redeems with DN for the full face value. We support our partners in this difficult time, you get $10 for every $40. Win-win!

Here's where you can buy Dad's Dollars NOW

Two notes regarding the Dads’ Dollars:

1) Complete the entire Google form and click submit at the bottom below the PayPal section.

2) You also need to go to PayPal (link at the bottom of the Google form) and pay DN. Remember, $40 for every $50 you want. If you want $100, pay us $80 AND uncheck the friends and family box in PayPal. Otherwise, DN incurs the fee.

On to exciting days ahead. The Governor has increased the number of people at gatherings, (start thinking about the backyard graduation party this summer), travel baseball/softball will likely be played and we have started planning our annual softball tournament. The golf outing is on the books for September 11 and with the opening of pools, we are thinking through what the annual family picnic could look like.

Stay safe, stay well. Get your Dads’ Dollars, be kind to one another, and enjoy this excellent video.

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