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Happy New Year!

For those living under a rock and checking your DN email for the first time since March, the Dads’ Night 77 show season isn’t starting in January. Since climbing out from under the rock, you may have noticed some funny looking things like people wearing masks in the bank and awkward stares when you sneeze in public. This, my friends, is your life for the foreseeable future and the reason for the delayed start to the DN 77 show season.

Rest assured, plans are well underway for an awesome Dads’ Night show this year, just later. Keep an eye out for communications regarding the annual Tito’s promotion and Valentine’s treats from Kilwin’s.

Remember to get a photo of you and the kids (No Mrs. in the picture.) to Jack Ng. You’ll need it for the show, and we don’t want to chase you later. And pay your dues!

Happy New Year!

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